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What Makes Me Different?

I have an designer's background in digital media and that is what makes me different than a lot of other photographers. I have trained my eyes to find things that grab your attention and yet bring an emotional connection. One of my favorite hobbies is the sit down and look at the magazine ads and photos of their spreads. Studying the way people shot and seeing what makes an attractive or compelling photo, I can say my eyes always looks for something that bring good composition and color. Sometimes even the simpliest photos are what people stop and look at as they go through my portfolio.

I am good at working with people. If someone wants to do photoshoot, usually I like to walk through the whole process and make sure everything is what they envsioned. It is more of a personal approach to service. Usually I ask what the clients want and deliver the products to their approval.

My Specialty are:

Fashion Photography
One of my main focus is to Fashion Photographer. I enjoy people and usually Fashion Photography is a creative avenue for photographers to shoot people. This is one of the services that I love doing.

Head Shots
Head Shots are one of the most requested service that I get. People want their headshots for auditions.

Portraits are the second most requested service that people want done. From facebook shots to new born babies. This is something people always want done.

Engagement Photos
This is another creative service that I enjoy doing. If I can choose between wedding and engagement photos. I would totally choose engagement because it allows me to send time with my subject and to really set up the shot and ideas I want in the picture.

Product Shots
I get a lot of business clients wanting photos of their products they are selling or even the services that they provide. Most of these shots are published for their customers to see.

Event Photography
When there is an event happening, people like to call me up to document and shoot it. In these cases I would shoot journalistic style to capture the events as they unfold. Usually I would try to capture the details for the event.

Landscape Photography
I enjoy capturing beauty! One of my most famous shot is the Los Angeles Downtown Skyline and New York. When there is when nature's beauty at her best, that is what I would like to capture.

Web Galleries
I like to show my work and also create web photo galleries for people. I also create websites for people. Here is the link to the design company, PG Media Design.

Photoshop Touch Up
As a media designer, my expertise is photoshop and lightroom. If a client wants something to be retouch, I would take the time to edit the photo so it looks exactly how they imagine it to be. This sometimes require a lot of time to make the photo perfect.