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I was invited to attend the Grand Opening Celebration of the new EASTPARC HOTEL YOGYAKARTA.  It was attended by many delegates within Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.  Distinguish guest includes: Yaacob Ibrahim (Singapore Minister for Communications and Information), Dr. Andri Hadi (Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore) and Sapta Nirwandar (Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia).

You can find the gallery on the EASTPARC HOTEL FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Event Photography - NATAS (National Association of Travel Agents Singapore) Spring 2014

I had the privilege to attend the NATAS Travel Fair 2014 here in Singapore.  This bi-annual travel event is helps promotes international travel from Singapore to areas in the region.  Check out the photos at the NATAS Facebook page and NATAS Travel Fair Website.

National Association of Travel Agents Singapore -

NATAS Facebook -

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Event Photography - The Podium Lounge 2013 with GNOSSEM IMG_4721IMG_4721 IMG_4723IMG_4723 IMG_4735IMG_4735 IMG_4749IMG_4749 IMG_4780IMG_4780 IMG_4802IMG_4802 IMG_4817IMG_4817 IMG_4890IMG_4890 IMG_4894IMG_4894 IMG_4967IMG_4967 IMG_4996IMG_4996

I was invited by Janiqueel to shoot the GNOSSEM Fashion Show at the F1 2013 Podium Lounge Afterparty.  The Podium Lounge is the ultimate A-list party for the racing community and Singapore’s party elite. Attended by F1 drivers, celebrities, musicians, Royalty, models, ambassadors and the ultra jet-set crowd since 2009, the party will again be the most sought after and glamorous nightlife experience during the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix.  It was really a happening venue and event.

View more pictures of the event at:


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Event Photography - Ambassador Adelman's Farewell VIP Cocktail Reception IMG_4594IMG_4594 IMG_4678IMG_4678

IMG_4616IMG_4616 IMG_4637IMG_4637

IMG_4669IMG_4669 IMG_4708IMG_4708 It was an amazing time honoring the former US Ambassador here in Singapore.  Ambassador Adelman is truly a remarkable man who has represented the US companies and trade interest among the two countries.  I also help create a web portal that can be found here along with the videos of thanks for the Ambassadors.

View the photos on the AmCham Facebook Page here.

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Event Photography - Cosmopolitan Singapore 2nd Birthday Celebration IMG_3873IMG_3873

IMG_3857IMG_3857 IMG_3870IMG_3870 IMG_3880IMG_3880 IMG_3900IMG_3900 IMG_3981IMG_3981 IMG_3998IMG_3998 IMG_4024IMG_4024


So I got invited to shoot at the 2nd Birthday Celebration of Cosmopolitan Magazine here in Singapore.  I was there shooting for Singapore Blogger Janiqueel who covers all the events around the island.  This year they honor some of the female movers and shakers here in Singapore.  You can read more and view the collection of photos on Janiqueel.

View more photos.

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Event Photography - AmCham Singapore - Welcome Back 2013 IMG_3246 IMG_3248 IMG_3291 IMG_3323 IMG_3335 IMG_3363 IMG_3374 IMG_3380

AmCham Singapore 40th Anniversary Welcome Back - Membership Mixer.  It was presented by Delta and over 300 attendees.  Check out more photos here on the AmCham Facebook Page:

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Event Photography - Singapore Night Festival 2013 IMG_3117IMG_3117 IMG_3125IMG_3125 IMG_3147IMG_3147 IMG_3149IMG_3149 IMG_3157IMG_3157 IMG_3164IMG_3164 IMG_3194IMG_3194 IMG_3204IMG_3204

Singapore Night Festival 2013 starts off this year with a media day open to the press to preview the upcoming festivities around the National Museum of Singapore.  It stretches from Plaza Singapura to Raffles City with participation from the Bras Basah, Bugis community. This is an annual event to highlight some of the local artist around the region.  I am happy to photograph some of the creative talents around.

More photos can be found at Janiqueel's Site.

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Event Photography - W Hotel Sentosa Cove Endless Summer IMG_2975IMG_2975 IMG_2835IMG_2835 IMG_2872IMG_2872 IMG_2874IMG_2874 IMG_2944IMG_2944

I got invited to attend the W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove Endless Summer Pool Party that happens once a month.  I was invited by friend and Mixologist Adam Seger who was mixing their amazing drinks.  It was filled with all different kinds of people and a family event.

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Event Photography - W Hotel Sentosa Cove - WooBar Media Day IMG_2771IMG_2771 IMG_2773IMG_2773 IMG_2778IMG_2778 IMG_2782IMG_2782 IMG_2797IMG_2797 IMG_2807IMG_2807 IMG_2826IMG_2826 IMG_2830IMG_2830 IMG_2831IMG_2831 IMG_2832IMG_2832

I was invited by the Famous Mixologist Adam Seger who was mixing drinks for the new W Hotel Sentosa Cove Singapore.  It was a day filled with samples of their new drinks and food.  You have to visit their venue to get a nice R&R and experience the wonderful bar/hotel in Sentosa!

]]> (Paul Gor | Professional Photographer | PGOR.COM) Adam Bar Hotel Press Seger Singapore W WooBar Fri, 02 Aug 2013 09:19:00 GMT
The Providore Warehouse IMG_2464

I did a shoot at The Providore Warehouse, a new gourmet grocer on the fifth floor warehouse complex.  The place was filled with nice goodies and wonderful collection of wines and teas. Go take a nice stroll and tour at the items in the store.  I did a shoot for  You can see her write up here.


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Fashion Show Photography - Fashion in the City (Singapore) IMG_2179 IMG_1601 IMG_1622 IMG_1632 IMG_1642 IMG_1655 IMG_1689 IMG_1705 IMG_1740


Fashion in the City Singapore, an fashion exclusive event hosted by FASHVACATION.  They are promoting up and coming fashion labels and models in Singapore.  Over 10 international designers showcase their labels at the Avalon Night Club in Singapore.  It was nonstop display of creativity and new talent in Singapore.  I was shooting for  Click here for her comprehensive write up.

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Real Estate Photography - Dalla Vale and Serenity Park Condominiums IMG_1583 IMG_1584 IMG_1226

IMG_1239 IMG_1229

So one of the projects I got assigned to is photographing real estate properties.  Here are two properties, Dalla Vale Condominiums and Serenity Park Condominiums, I shot with my wide angle lens.  YUP these are real images I photographed.

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Event Photography - Joseph Vincent in Singapore IMG_9531 IMG_9536 IMG_9547 IMG_9559 IMG_9579 IMG_9660 IMG_9631

So Joseph Vincent (Youtube Musician) was in Singapore for the Youtube FanFest concert.  Got to help cover his event by his Famous Manager Tom Ngo!  Yeah he sure has a lot of Fans ALL over the world! A big group came out to support him during his performance in Clarke Quay.

]]> (Paul Gor | Professional Photographer | PGOR.COM) Band Event Joseph Musician Singapore Vincent Youtube Thu, 23 May 2013 15:42:00 GMT
Event Photography - Taping of LOL Singapore IMG_1032 IMG_1046 IMG_1056


I had the privilege to be behind the scenes of the live taping of Toggle LOL (Singapore) Talk show hosted by Judee Tan and Marcus A C with guests from Point of Entry (Singapore).  Here is the blog write up from

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Fashion Show Photography - 2013 NY Fashion Week Summer Collection - Hernan Lander IMG_5420 IMG_5424 IMG_5435 IMG_5433 IMG_5441 IMG_5450 IMG_5501 IMG_5517

I am at NY Fashion Week 2013 again and attending the different shows.  I got invited to shoot at the Hernan Lander Collection.  He is a Dominican Republic fashion designer based in NYC.  Impressive collection!

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Fashion Show Photography - 2013 NY Fashion Week Summer Collection - David Tlale IMG_5204



IMG_5232 IMG_5265


IMG_5326 I got to shoot for OK Africa (an online Publication) during NY Fashion Week 2013.  I covered David Tlale's Collection. David is a South African Designer who has captivate the attention of fashion industry.  His fall collection earned a lot of promising reviews.

Here is the write up online with my photos

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Event Photography - Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse (Fine Dining Restaurant in Singapore) IMG_5023






I got invited to shoot an event at my friend's amazing steakhouse in Singapore.  It's Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse and one of the finest steakhouse in southeast Asia.  You have to take a nice date there!

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Event Photography - Midnight Shift at Red Velvet IMG_4779





I got invited to attend a shoot and event hosted by Midnight Shift at Red Velvet (Zouk) in Singapore.  They are a collection of amazing artist producing and spinning underground beats.  They host private exclusive events for those who enjoy the underground world of house music.

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Event Photography - LifeStyleAsia Mixer (Singapore) IMG_4558 IMG_4562 IMG_4560 IMG_4651 IMG_4705 IMG_4614 IMG_4663

Got invited to a LifeStyleAsia Mixer.  These people host some of the hottest events in Singapore.  You always find some of their pictures on MSN Singapore.  I had a chance to connect with these people who are well connected in party scene in Singapore.  Interesting organization and business model.

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Event Photography - Seloso Beach Party 2012 NYE Countdown IMG_4459

IMG_4319 IMG_4332 IMG_4359 IMG_4347 IMG_4444 IMG_4450

Celebrated the New Year Eve Countdown in Singapore's Seloso Beach Party 2012.  Got to cover the event for my friends DJ Shy and DJ Sly who were spinning the event.  There were ten other female international DJ who help celebrated the new years with 12 hours of non-stop dance music!

]]> (Paul Gor | Professional Photographer | PGOR.COM) DJ New Year Eve Seloso Beach Party Shy Singapore Sly Tue, 01 Jan 2013 15:02:00 GMT