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Paul Gor is a professional photographer and media designer who travels the world and photographs people, fashion, landscapes, babies and weddings! He is recognized for the portraits of celebrities and capturing magnificent landscapes all around the world. Check out his online portfolio at:

I'm a creative photographer! I'm also a media designer by trade but I enjoy capturing different personality through photos. I also enjoy traveling and photographing the different landscapes that I run across. You can say that my work is diverse, ranging from people to product to nature. People hire me because they like my work.

I have been shooting since I was in high school. My father had an old Canon AE-1 Program that I decided to pick up and learn. Through many years of training the eye, I have a good perspective of composition and colors. I am also a self taught photoshop guy. I enjoy learning and being creative in the photos I shoot. Knowing both the production side and post-production side of photography, I can set up a shot well and know what a photograph will work and when it will not. Usually if the photograph doesn't come out the first time, it can be enhanced through the usual of digital software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Though my years of experience, people trust my quality of work. It is making the subject stand out!

You can also visit my professional design site at